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We are pleased to welcome you to our site!

Our company has been involved in manufacturing fiberglass parts for more than 20 years.
We started with the construction of small boats and yachts from the FRP.

Thanks to this, we have gained good experience and understanding of what needs to be done to achieve high quality.

Since 2013, we began to specialize in making copies of tuning parts for Japanese cars Toyota Caldina, Mitsubishi Legnum Galant, Subaru Impreza, BMW E90 E91.

As Instagram and Facebook evolved, our projects were seen abroad. And in 2015, we made the first international sale. Then it was a client from Malaysia who bought spare parts for his Toyota Caldina from us.

Having studied the terms of payment and delivery, we opened a store on EBay which now has a huge number of reviews and regular customers.

Now our main goal is to expand our product range, create our own corporate identity and adherence to it, so we decided to launch our website.

How do we differ from our competitors? Our company is small, so we value every customer. We are most loyal and attentive to everyone. And the quality of our products is beyond any criticism.

All our items are customized so that you get a product tailored for you. The production time does not exceed 10-15 days if the goods are bought in the amount of 1 piece, and not during the sale period.

In production, we can identify 3 main areas:

1. FIBERGLASS (FRP) - high-quality forced polymer plastic made using manual lamination technology. Thanks to many years of experience, we manufacture thin and flexible parts, intentionally reinforcing them if necessary.

2. METAL - we produce struts to strengthen the rigidity of the body, spare parts are welded in argon and coated with powder paint.

3. CARBON FIBER - we produce these products using the vacuum infusion method, which ensures minimum weight and excellent strength properties. It is worth emphasizing that this method is the most expensive and time-consuming.

In addition, everything that is posted on our site can be purchased, and the best part is that we ship worldwide!

Keep in mind that the goods that we have in stock are made to order for our customers after receiving payment.


Based in Russia, the city of Volgograd.
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